Shooting in Uganda

On arrival at Entebbe airport I was completely exhausted from the long plane journey.

We had one day to organise shoot locations, collect and gather props and also find the perfect model! However this was probably the best fashion shoot experience I've had so far, and not just because of the consistent beautiful weather, but mainly because of the environments contrast against the collection. I fell in love.



We shot in several locations. The image above shows off my favourite location; up on a hill top somewhere in Kampala (I'll tell you the name later), it was a completely breathtaking view

Uganda inspired me to take things back to basics. I wanted to keep the shoot very simple as I was completely in love with Uganda and it’s natural vibrancy. I was in love with the slow pace of life and the traditional women’s dress in the Gomas, which one piece (tailored suit) takes influence from. I wanted to create an aspirational lifestyle that is realistic easy to attain.

The day to day life was reflected within the set of the shoot. I really wanted the model to be a part of the environment as natural as possible (but I guess her height made her stand out!)

There was so much to explore in Uganda, I needed more time there. But keep following I'll update you on more later!...

Journey to Uganda

Uganda here I come...

I'm really not the blogging type, but what the heck! lets try something new....Recently been looking into Ugandan day to day life, concentrating on the Ugandans with a down to earth lifestyle (most cases without choice). In other words I'm not focusing on those that live in the  major cities such as Kampala and have a comfortable lifestyle. But possibly places like Jinja and further out. To be fair as you read this blog I have to admit I'm a little behind with the aesthetics of Uganda right now because I have not visited in almost a decade. A lot of my research has been secondary research and annoying my poor dad with unending questions (sorry dad).

So I've been really questioning why the fashion industry is so unrealistic in its portrayal of the average woman and why does this false lifestyle has to be exhibited (okay we know the answer, money, money). Whether it's going to make me tons of money I have no idea but I want to have a go at changing this. So follow me on this journey...