An Introduction

Photo: Karis- Marie Soul

Photo: Karis- Marie Soul

At it’s core, Lamula Nassuna believes in the natural beauty of women, and aims to enhance as well as capture it’s love for their character, passion and worth through designs that allow them to express themselves at all times. We aim to build a brand that celebrates the joy, love and value women  bring to the world, whilst appreciating them for who they are at every stage of their development.

Hence, The Celebration Campaign.

A dedicated blog, set to showcase and highlight the amazingly fearless, selfless, independent, beautiful and simply wonderful women, as part of our campaign for celebrating not only the our latest Autumn Winter 2016 collection, but also beauty, in all its different forms, shapes and sizes.

This surpasses an aesthetic appreciation of beauty however, as the main aim of this campaign is to place the internal at the forefront, as it is what we believe in. This is thus a documentation of the various lifestyles women have led over the years. They are all at different ages and from different stages of their lives.

Join us as we explore the lessons and experiences they’ve discovered have been gracefully open enough to share with us.
Join us as we celebrate the women who inspire us.


Coming soon.