The Celebration Campaign: K Marie Soul

When I was growing up I used to play football, and that was the only thing at the time that I was good at, so that made me smile. What makes me smile currently are old nostalgic memories, music and seeing people progress/ people doing well makes me smile as well.

My favourite things to do are taking time out for myself, photography- I love it because I’m observant and find this as a way of communicating my observations of everyday life. I love fashion, listening to music- mainly underground artists and exploring. Going on walks, travel, hearing about people, spending time with family and food- who doesn’t find food as their favourite thing?

When I was younger, my parents used to say what you put in is what you get out of life. My mum's very natural. She looks after herself, and growing up to see that constantly, it’s a trait I’ve always kept with me. She’s been working since she was 19 in the care industry, working specifically with disabled and mentally ill individuals. This taught me a lot about perception from a very early age, and how someone’s appearance can impact the way they are viewed/ treated in society. I’ve always seen everyone as normal. Someone may look disfigured in someone’s eyes, but I think beauty is what you make it out to be. Everything can be beautiful if you look at with love.


My hair is my pride. I see it as a form of expression because I experiment a lot with my hair as well. I shaved the back of my hair, which was a pretty big deal because I had a lot of hair to begin with. I’m also curious about the way those with natural hair style them. My mood influences my hair choices. Sometimes I’d want braids, sometimes I’d like it all out. I enjoy having that flexibility. Hair trends from the 90s also influenced me a lot, so I was always keen on exploring them, but it all comes down basically to my mood.

Ciara inspired me growing up. She has two sides to her; she’s girly but also a tomboy. Growing up, so was I, and I didn’t really know how to feel about that so seeing her be herself encouraged me to be myself, unapologetically. My peers inspire me too because they work hard to achieve.

Peace for me would be everyday responsibilities being taken off my shoulders, kind of like you’re floating in your element, doing what you want to do. Peace for me is travelling and experiencing the other lifestyles that exist outside of my own bubble. Besides home, which is Jamaica, I enjoyed holidaying in Egypt. However I’d really want to visit Tokyo, Gambia and Sychelle Islands- it just looks so surreal. I’d also like to go to North Sudan- there’s a lot of history there. People don’t know for instance that there are far more pyramids in Sudan than there are in Cairo. There’s so much that has been untouched in that country where tourism is concerned, and I love to find out more about its history.